St James's Operative Lodge No 97


Lava laser cut in shape of Iceland
<br/>Kindly Gifted By Brethren from Iceland

Lava laser cut in shape of Iceland
Kindly Gifted By Brethren from Iceland

Lava laser cut in shape of Iceland<br/>Kindly Gifted By Brethren from IcelandEngraved Icelandic temple front<br/>Kindly Gifted By Brethren from IcelandIcelandic bannerFrench Provincial250th grand lodge dinnerst John\'s pen250th church serviceRededication photo 17th October 2015Grand Lodge set for InstallationBro James Taylor PMHistoric 23 St John StreetMaster\'s Harmony MalletOrgan Stops RightOrgan Stops LeftOrgan KeysInstruction\'s For Pumping organOrgan MaintenanceOrgan closeSouth EastNorth EastWilliam St ClairNorth Wall Right MuralNorth Wall Left MuralWest Wall Painting Lower RightWest Wall Painting Lower LeftLooking EastWest MuralLooking NorthLooking SouthLooking WestEastThe Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master of Edinburgh Bro Ewan RutherfordBro Maurice Wilson MBE PMBro Thomas Stott IPM Lodge Waverley No 597Bro Alex Cockerell Marshall St James\'s Operative<br/>No 97St James\'s Operative No 97<br/>Office Bearers 1980The Grand Lodge of Scotland Organ<br/>Made By Brindley And Foster <br/> Installed in 1913The Grand Lodge of Scotland exterior at nightThe Grand Lodge of Scotland exterior by dayWriter\'s Court looking eastWriter\'s court looking westBro John Clason Jnr RWMForth street looking eastForth street looking westLodge Outside Door <br/>23 St John StreetGift from Lebanese BrethrenHall set for Scots night dinner 2017